How do you handle driving when you are headed into a skid? Unfortunately, when headed into a skid, most people resort to slamming on the brakes, which just makes that skid more out of control. You can do a few things to help prevent a skid. First of all, having the proper treads on your tires is important. Drive slowly in unfavorable conditions and also make sure to keep enough room between you and the person in front of you. Also be careful when in a curve or turn. If you go too fast, then you might lose control of your car.

If you do skid, then there are some important rules to follow. First of all, keep from panicking. Also make sure to focus your eyes on a target further straight ahead. This will help give you better direction. If you are in a front-wheel skid, then ease off the accelerator and try to gain control. If that does not happen, then pump the brakes slightly. This should help you gain control. If it is a rear-wheel skid, then ease off the accelerator and turn the steering wheel just enough in the same direction of the skid to straighten out your tires. This should correct the problem if you do not turn the wheel too sharply.



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