The Ford Fusion Hybrid has turned into one of the more popular hybrids on the road today. Stop by Fred Grande Ford to experience the new technology included with the latest model and you will understand why this is. Using a mix of gas and electric is friendly for the earth and your wallet.

The lane keeping system is a part of the Ford Co-Pilot360 feature, and you will absolutely love it. If you start to sway a bit out of your lane, you will be alerted by a slight tug on the steering wheel. If you are signaling a lane change, this feature will be disabled. It is this kind of special touch that makes the Fusion that much safer to drive.

With the rear view camera now being standard on the Ford Fusion Hybrid models, going in reverse has never been safer as well. You will be able to have a clear picture, both day and night, of what is lurking behind you as you start to back up. Give it a try when you come by Fred Grande Ford and take this popular hybrid for a test drive.


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