For decades, Ford's F-150 has been known for toughness. At Fred Grande Ford, we appreciate the updated F-150 and its durable reputation. This large pickup agrees with a hardworking life around Casco, MI.

Ford has always used tough materials to construct its pickups. Throughout the modern F-150's body, we find a military-grade aluminum alloy. If the F-150's materials can stand up to the rigors of service, they can certainly support the loads you need to haul. Since Ford chose an aluminum alloy, the body's heat-treated walls can feature varied thickness while remaining light.

If you want to maximize your Ford F-150's toughness, select one of its beefier trims. We recommend the F-150 Off-Road and the F-150 Raptor. Each of these trims adds features that heighten the model's ruggedness. Choose the Off-Road setup if you like hauling your weekend toys into the bush. Select the Raptor if you want your pickup to be your toy. In any trim, you'll enjoy the tough Ford F-150.

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